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WHAT IS DICE LIVING? - Watch The Boob Show Episode 5. Video blog on what dice living is, followed by the answer to "what should I do with my hair." Hoping for some risk, our heroine rolls....

CHANGING THE GAME - Watch Dice Living Episode 2. This vlog is all about changing the game of dice living - adding a new twist that all gamers and geeks especially can appreciate!

SO UNEXPECTED - Watch Dice Living Episode 3. It's a doozy! Emily gets sent on a drinking bender! This vlog features the first audience choice roll, happening each Friday. Make your suggestions for what Emil

OM NOM NOM - Watch Dice Living Episode 4. This vlog is all about food

HOLIDAY, DICE LIVING - Watch Dice Living Episode 5. This vlog is about the choice of how to spend a vacation day.

REVENGE - Watch Dice Living Episode 6. This vlog is all about REVENGE! Someone's been pissing Emily off and she turns to the dice for advice.

URGES - Watch Dice Living Episode 7. This vlog is a question artists everywhere face... what should I create? Watch to see the outcome!

COSMIC JOKES - Watch Dice Living Episode 8. This vlog is from Friday's FFF - and as per usual, the results are hilarious!

Dice living, also known as diceliving, dicing, or die-ing is a way of life made popular by the semi-fictional novel "The Dice Man" (1971). The book follows the adventures of Luke Rhinehart, a man who embraces risk and throws dice to make decisions about all things, including thoughts, actions, and emotions.

The concept is to decide on six possible outcomes or choices, listing them from one to six, or odds and evens for a simple yes/no. The answer is decided by the roll of the dice, and most importantly, the dice must always be obeyed no matter what the outcome.