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VIOLENCE IN FILM - Watch discussion on violence and guns in the movies, Is there is line that has been crossed?, Or is free speech, free speech?

LENGTH OF A SHORT FILM - Watch Matthew Toffolo chat with audience from WILDsound Film Festival about the proper length of a short movie, How long is too long?

WHAT IS A SCRIPT CONSULTANT - Consultant Margueritte Pigott on what script consultants do and why they are important in the process of translating the page to film!

WHAT IS A SPEC SCREENPLAY - Producer John May on what is a SPEC Script and why people write it on the TV and FILM industry. How to market your script?

WHAT IS A SHOW RUNNER - Producer Kim Todd gives a detailed explanation of what a TV SHOW RUNNER does and their step by step jobs

WHAT IS A PRODUCER - Producer John May breaks down the many types of Producers and what each of them do!

BREAKING DOWN A SCRIPT - Matthew Toffolo talks about how he breaks down a screenplay when he reads it

HORROR FILM DEBATE - Watch discussion on the fascination of the HORROR and GORE genre, Why people love it so much! Lead by Matthew Toffolo

HOW A DIRECTOR READS A SCRIPT - Watch director Michael Kennedy talk about how he reads a screenplay from a director's point of view

VISUALIZATION OF A SCRIPT - Watch discussion on the art of taking the words on paper and making it a cinematic experience

FANBOY MOVIES - Watch discussion on comic book and superhero films in Hollywood today, Are there just too many?, OR is this the future of cinema?