Wildcard Pictures - A Vision for the Future

Wildcard Pictures sprang to life in September 2006, and immediately got underway to prove that hard work and a commitment to excellence are the keys to success.

In just eighteen months, Wildcard was responsible for more than a dozen short films that played at over 200 film festivals and TVs around the world and garnered many festival awards.

In late 2012 the company will be gearing up for online TV shows (some pre-show teasers can be seen on the left navbar) that will be entirely showcased online. Then in mid-2013 they will start making feature films for online consumption for any to see for FREE!

Right now it's about growing their websites and their monthly FREE Film and Screenplay Festival that's geared for filmmakers/storytellers at all levels.

Their mandate is to make sure artists in this industry get their work out to the largest crowd possible. And then earn enough acclaim so they can continue to create on other projects and grow as an artist.

www.wildsound.ca currently averages over 100,000 visitors a day (over 3.1 million unique visitors a month) and this website should do the same by 2014 as they are now showcasing ALL of our past and current short films and PODCASTS online.

It's storytelling that's at the heart of every film. Storytelling comes down to that magical amalgam of plot, character, and theme that's so easy to talk about and so hard to achieve. Every film is its own minor miracle, a rare planetary alignment, a moment of absolute synchronicity.