Best of Wildcard Pictures


CLICHE - Xenofranka pop-culture mock music video, Tired of stupid pop lyrics?, Us too.

PLAY ME - Xenofranka sexy music video, A song in the key of sexy. . . / goth photos by Juliann Kuchocki

QUEEN OF SMALL TALK - Jen Frankel XENOFRANKA, "I used to think I hated small talk; now it turns out, I'm the Queen." Music video from indie artist Xenofranka (Jen Frankel, vocals & keys)

LEFT VS RIGHT - Watch The Boob Show Episode 8. Red v Blue Episode 3, The feisty filly from the free south -- well, a swing state anyhow -- fires back.

THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD - WATCH short film about Jesus, Directed by Jen Frankel, 30 second short films

SIDNEY - WATCH screenplay reading, Watch short screenplay reading by Jen Frankel.

NETWORK CONNECTING - WATCH the art of connecting with all your friends. HOw many social networking sites are there?. by Jen Frankel.

INCONVENIENT TRUTH - Watch Parody of Lincoln's assassination plus inconvenient truth. by Jen Frankel.

364 DAYS - Watch screenplay reading, Watch BONUS short screenplay reading by Jen Frankel..

RED VS BLUE - Watch the first episode of the LEFT VS RIGHT, DEMOCRATS VS REPUBLICANS viral video. Episode #1 - The RED side.

THE DEMS STRIKE BACK - Watch the SECOND episode of the LEFT VS RIGHT, DEMOCRATS VS REPUBLICANS viral video. Episode #2 - The BLUE side.

FAN EXPO PART 1 - Watch Jen Frankel from WILDsound live blogs from Fan Expo 2010 in Toronto.

FAN EXPO PART 2 - Watch as Jen tries to find a chair, an internet connection, and a ticket to see James Marsters in concert at Fan Expo 2010 in Toronto.

FAN EXPO PART 3 - Watch Jen Frankel, Costumes and crazy long lines at Day Two of Toronto Fan Expo 2010

FAN EXPO PART 4 - There are lots of things -- and we mean LOTS of things -- to complain about, but the magic could be found at the 2010 Toronto Fan Expo.

FAN EXPO PART 5 - Jen explores Steampunk with enthusiasts at Toronto Fan Expo 2010./i>

SANS VOCCE EP - Watch and listen to by Xenofranka, 5 tracks, EP, all instrumental album, 14 min total

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN - Watch your brain, on Valentine's day? Flash animation by Jen Frankel.

EVERYTHING MAKES ME MAD - Watch theme song to mad articles by Jen Frankel.