short film
24 min, 4K Red Scarlet 16:9 © 2017

Petra Ramsay, cartoonist. Successful. Famous.
Hating every minute of it.

written directed by Jen Frankel
director of photography Drew Potter
starring Jen Frankel and Kit Daven


produced by Drew Potter and Hassan Madlough
executive producer Corine Hann
edited by Dominic Ubaldino
music supervisor Sean Lewis
original music by Greg Cameron
jen frankel as Petra Ramsey
kit daven as Carrie-Anne Raikes
arn esse as The Voice
clayton gray as Alex
sheila russell as Mrs. Neufeld
karen khan as the Little Old Lady
martin lindquist as the Bartender
emily schooley & gerald mckenzie as the Snide Couple
anais rozencwajg as Bar Nun Waitress
geoff mays as Man at Bar
sharon forrester as the Nun
an tran, mikey fivebucks white, aaleya waslat & mustufa manzoor